Digalo is a tool for graphic-based e-discussion and e-argumentation.
Digalo was developed in the framework of the DUNES project. (NOTE: This is a link to an EXECUTABLE file of an interactive Flash viewlet about the project. Please do not click it if you have security concerns.)
Digalo discussions are held within an object space called a "map". Within this space, users contribute to the discussion by adding shapes representing argumentative ontology (e.g., rectangle for claims) and typing their text into them. Users may also link shapes to other shapes, using arrows of different types (support, opposition. reference). The shape and arrow objects may be modified or deleted. All user actions are logged, and XML log files are generated detailing all the actions taken by the users (e.g., user_1 created a claim shape at time_x).
To learn more about the most current version of Digalo, please download and view this PDF document: ARGUNAUT_-_Digalo_description.pdf 

A Research & Development project sponsored by the 6th Framework Program of the European Community:  Proposal/Contract No.: 027728

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